Behind the Prints - Havana

This is the first in our mini series of blog posts which delves into the inspiration behind each of the seasons prints, and it seemed fitting to begin with the collection's signature print, 'Havana'.


Through a collaboration with friend of Violet & Wren, and creative travel blogger, Sara  @nomadpallette, we explored the captivating city of Havana in the beautiful travel hotspot Cuba. 

The luscious, opulent flora and fauna of this vibrant city are in perfect fusion with the cities timeworn grandeur.  We fell in love with the bold, sun-bleached architecture and the way it contrasted against the soft yet structural native botanicals.  This stunning combination of nature, cityscapes, colour and form became the starting point for the Havana collection and combined to make the namesake, Havana print. 


We explored flowers and plants that we felt captured the essence of Cuba- vibrant, colourful,  heady and timeworn.  The beautiful, velvety Hibiscus became the key from which all the prints evolved.  This distinguishable flower combines with glossy, pastel, architectural Anthuriums and soft, watercolour painted palm fronds, and a friendly bumble bee, to create the Havana print design.  

Set on a soft ivory base tone with sea green watercolour washes applied as a top layer to create a soft, tropical, romantic feel, the Havana is print is perfect for summer evenings on the terrace, far flung honeymoon destinations or to add a touch of artisan luxury into  your daywear.....   Our favourite set is the shorts and pyjama shirt! We are wearing ours tucked into our vintage hight waist jean shorts , sleeves rolled up, summer espadrilles and raffia accessories. 

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