INSPIRATIONS - The Vita Collection

Lady Vita Sackville- West, a controversial character never far from scandal and intrigue, defined herself as a divided personality;

“Half of me is feminine, soft, submissive and attracted to men while the other one Is masculine, hard, aggressive and attracted to women.”

This dichotomy and her anarchic spirit defines the SS18 collection with a marrying of the feminine and masculine, the hard and soft, modern and historical, and lends to a complex and intriguing season where maximalist celebration of colour, form and unapologetically showy florals are celebrated and embraced.

Lady Vita Sackville-West

Lady Vita Sackville-West

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From elegant, velvety white spring tulips set against a background of rich sun-drenched yellow, to luxurious, over scale Iris flowers in sapphire and cerulean tones, the Vita collection is bursting with mouth-watering colour and photo real blooms in an exploration of earthly delights. Opulent, feminine flowers are offset by strict, regular stripes in narrow and super wide settings, alongside lush, jewelled tone solids of Opaline green and Fuchsia pink.

1930’s design details, referencing the decade in which Vita moved into Sissinghurst, pepper the signature silhouettes to bring a masculine sensibility to juxtapose the overt feminism.


We loved designing this collection and hope you love the mix of soft and bold, graphic and artisan, masculine and feminine, as much as we do!  We design our pieces with a match and match aesthetic so mix florals with stripes, yellow with green, sleepwear with daywear - there are no rules, just have fun and wear what you love!

Thanks for reading!

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